Thursday, January 31, 2008

{Wallpaper Woes Part Duex}

My sister Whitney came over this weekend to help in our wallpaper removal quest. Yay Whitney! It was so great to have an extra set of hands and we appreciated all the help. Scott and I finally came up with a system that accelerated our progress. We first scrap all of the paint off and then try to remove the wallpaper. Scraping paint is as tedious as it sounds, but strangely satisfying. To quote Whitney, "it is like pulling off a sunburn". We were able to get all of the paint off on Saturday and quite a bit of wallpaper. It is such a messy job. We have already filled up 4 garbage bags full of wallpaper and paint debris. The room smells like wet dog and there are bits of paper everywhere; downstairs, in the washing machine, on the bed. We still need to finish taking off the paper, remove all the glue, patch the walls and prime before we get to paint.
For those who mourn the loss of the bunny paper please rest assured that there is wallpaper under every layer of paint in every room upstairs. We aren't removing anymore. It will rest there undisturbed until the next crazy homeowner decides to tackle it.


Taryn said...

It looks like you guys worked really hard. Really, Travis and I wish we could have been there to help. I love ripping things. It is like picking a scab, you just can't stop.

Marianne said...

Thank, god. Do you want to come over for din din on Feb 16? I feel weird inviting you to dinner over your blog comments page. Sorry. I'll call you.

Anonymous said...

Part Tre should be much more enjoyable. Tons of work. I like your picture of you taking a picture. Can't wait for you to get the puppy!