Wednesday, June 24, 2009

{Hey. Guess What?}

We are officially tickled pink!

Monday, June 22, 2009

{"The" Ukraine}

Last night I made a bid on Ebay for one of these very inexpensive Russian Medium Format cameras. The seller is from the Ukraine, which I think is very cool. It makes me feel wordly and cosmopolitan. Like, not only do I photograph with Russian cameras, but I also jet to exotic places and eat strange foods with unpronounceable names.

But, this purchase got me thinking. Why is it, "The" Ukraine? Why not just Ukraine; as in, I'm going to Ukraine. This was a 1 AM conversation and it had Scott stumped as well. We rationalized that there is "The" United States of America, but what other countries are preceded by "the?" We don't say I'm vacationing in The Mexico; The France sounds like a nice place to visit.

It is a puzzlement.

Friday, June 19, 2009

{Spoiled Rotten}

I think I have the best husband ever. I don't want to get anyone jealous or anything, but my birthday maybe included,

Breakfast here
Massage here
This movie and a nap
This restaurant
and this movie here
and best of all, my birthday present was this in San Fran.

I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

P.S. I took Polaroids, but my office is all torn apart right now and the scanner dismantled.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

{I Need}

a little magic today.

I think watching Amelie will do the trick.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

{We Are Not Old}

Scott took me to the No Doubt concert for our anniversary. It was fabulous, but apparently my 20-year-old sister had a hard time visioning us there. This was our conversation,

Marette, "What did you do for your anniversary."

Me, "We went to No Doubt."

Marette, long pause, "Oh."

Me, "What? Does that seem weird?"

Marette, "Yeah"

Me, "Gwen Stefani is like 40! I'm not too old to go to concerts."

Marette, Completely unconvinced, "Ok."

Too funny.

Sidenote: Me and pregnant belly rocked it out.

Disclosure: This song hold no connotation to the sex of our baby. We haven't found out yet! I guess I need to think these things through a little more carefully. Caitlin, you are more creative than I am. I never would have thought to use "I'm Just a Girl" as the official announcement.

Monday, June 8, 2009

{Let the Sno-Cone Challenge Begin!}

We have gotten off to a slow start, but Lemon, Lime and Mango have been consumed. Once the weather gets a little warmer I think Sno-Cones will be downed in copious amounts. Scott is super excited about this whole project. Joy is literally radiating off of him in this picture.

P.S. We will find out the gender in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Monday, June 1, 2009

{9 Years of Bliss}

Scott and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary last week. Here are some highlight and lowlights of the last 9 years.

In no specific order,

1-Tornado on wedding day
2-Gelato on the Spanish Steps
3-Cinque Terre hike in the rain
4-Jumping off the rock at Phelps Lake
5-All of our many, many fights
6-Late night conversations about everything
7-Official engagement at Fresco's or Lindsey's first experience with GOOD Italian food
8-Jumping in the fountain
9-Getting in trouble at work together (i.e. playing MASH)
10-Starting a two person book club at First Security
11-Flyfishing together
12-The magical Cotswolds
13-Getting lost in Bath...7 times
14-Purchasing our first home
15-Finally leaving our nasty apartment on S street
16-Lindsey dressed up as Velma (it was Halloween), proposing to Scott...accidentally
17-Picking up Oliver for the first time
18-Everything to do with Jackson Hole
19-Growing oldish together
20-The "fight" that lead to "I Love You" and the infamous proposal
21-Lindsey forcing Scott to dress up for Halloween
22-Adventure's in the Catacombs (or really, lack there of)
23-Scott mailing Lindsey postcards during are "hang out phase," but forgetting to address them
24-Whale watching in Victoria
25-Customs in Canada
26-Our first kind of date (Thanks First Security for tarring that roof)
27-Lindsey making it through the first 30 seconds of It
28-The view of Siena from the Clock Tower
29-Scott being dragged everywhere by Lindsey
30-Ciabatta bread, Aranchiata's and Brie
31-Being there for the bombings in London
32-Stonehenge and Summer Solstice
33-Scott and the pigeons in Venice
34-Take out
35-Lindsey's first and last disastrous bike ride
36-State Fairs, Farmer's Markets and Tinfoil dinners up the canyon
37-Reading, reading, reading
38-Scott laughing hysterically at his own jokes
39-28 hour Disneyland trip
40-Oliver knocking Scott down the stairs
41-The day Lindsey was attacked by a mattress-Mattress 1, Lindsey 0
42-Climbing the Tor
43-Remodeling together
44-Taking Oliver on walks
45-4 degrees (Photography, Communications, English, Masters of English)
46-Working so hard to do the jobs we love
47-Being poor
48-Paying off debt, still
49-Lindsey trying to get Scott to dance
4-Finally seeing a positive on the pregnancy test

Here's to many, many more years of love, fights, stories, private jokes, good food, life, and happiness.