Monday, June 22, 2009

{"The" Ukraine}

Last night I made a bid on Ebay for one of these very inexpensive Russian Medium Format cameras. The seller is from the Ukraine, which I think is very cool. It makes me feel wordly and cosmopolitan. Like, not only do I photograph with Russian cameras, but I also jet to exotic places and eat strange foods with unpronounceable names.

But, this purchase got me thinking. Why is it, "The" Ukraine? Why not just Ukraine; as in, I'm going to Ukraine. This was a 1 AM conversation and it had Scott stumped as well. We rationalized that there is "The" United States of America, but what other countries are preceded by "the?" We don't say I'm vacationing in The Mexico; The France sounds like a nice place to visit.

It is a puzzlement.


caitlin said...
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caitlin said...

I had a friend go to Ukraine to teach kids to speak English and she would get so mad at us when we would call it The Ukraine. I have heard it both ways. So I have no idea about this puzzlement.

Um and when are we hanging out.. maybe Katie and I will just start tagging along at your weddings and trying to hang out with you that way.. the brides would be so confused :)

Allison said...

My husband and I have always loved crappy teen soaps, it all started with Dawsons Creek in high school, anyway it eventually evolved into "The OC" which led to saying "The Vegas" which got us on a "The" kick. Everything turned into something much cooler by adding "the." to the begining. Yeah, well maybe it's like that.

Wow I am random.

Tara said...

You crack me up! Love ya!