Friday, June 19, 2009

{Spoiled Rotten}

I think I have the best husband ever. I don't want to get anyone jealous or anything, but my birthday maybe included,

Breakfast here
Massage here
This movie and a nap
This restaurant
and this movie here
and best of all, my birthday present was this in San Fran.

I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

P.S. I took Polaroids, but my office is all torn apart right now and the scanner dismantled.


katiekimmcdermott said...

I'm glad Scott spoiled you! You definitely deserve it girly... I missed you at Bethanie's shower, but I had a nice chat with Whitney & your Mom did such a cute job with the decorations and all!!!

Happy birthday again & good job Scott, sounds like you did an excellent job!!

Taryn said...

You are spoiled! i am glad you had a great birthday. Good Job scott!

caitlin said...

Happy Birthday! Wow, kudo's Scott kudo's. I am majorly jealous of you right now.. but since you're the birthday girl I'll let it slide ;)

Spark Restaurant Lounge said...

Hope you had a great birthday with us at Spark!

Rob and Kelli said...

Oh la la! What a wonderful day. Hope it was happy and relaxing. Scott...majorly impressed!!!

Tara and Dan said...

What an exotic day!! Nothing like getting pampered and loved on. Happy birthday!

Tina said...

You are spoiled darlin!! What a day to spend your birthday.....Hope to see you soon!!