Thursday, June 11, 2009

{We Are Not Old}

Scott took me to the No Doubt concert for our anniversary. It was fabulous, but apparently my 20-year-old sister had a hard time visioning us there. This was our conversation,

Marette, "What did you do for your anniversary."

Me, "We went to No Doubt."

Marette, long pause, "Oh."

Me, "What? Does that seem weird?"

Marette, "Yeah"

Me, "Gwen Stefani is like 40! I'm not too old to go to concerts."

Marette, Completely unconvinced, "Ok."

Too funny.

Sidenote: Me and pregnant belly rocked it out.

Disclosure: This song hold no connotation to the sex of our baby. We haven't found out yet! I guess I need to think these things through a little more carefully. Caitlin, you are more creative than I am. I never would have thought to use "I'm Just a Girl" as the official announcement.


caitlin said...

WAIT! Does this mean what I think it means??? A Girl???

design gal said...

i love no doubt! that was my very first cd

caitlin said...

Yeah, okay.. maybe I was just getting excited for you. I thought it might be a stretch, but knew you were getting the results soon.

Taryn said...