Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Saturday Love

Saturdays off, are few and far between, so we tend to pack it in when we can.

This particular Saturday included our first time at the Market, and the Eagles (fake Eagles) up at Deer Valley. We drank freshly squeezed, freshly shaken, mint limeades from our favorite stand, Sweet Salt Lake. Ate mango, dark chocolate cookies, from Ruby Snap, and relished all that was sweet and delicious.

Later, we headed up to Deer Valley, and enjoyed good music, and lots of kid wrangling. A million thanks goes out to the flock of pre-teen girls who sat in front of us, and played and played with Lucy and Samantha. It was almost like we didn't have kids with us. Almost.

Saturdays with my family are extra sweet.

P.S. Let us all say a fond farewell to the Polaroids. After 3 steady years, I'm down to my last box. Thanks Target, for supplying me with well over 500 treasures. I'm glad I bought you out over a six-month period. Dear, Impossible Project, I wish I loved you, but I don't. Dear Polaroid, come back please.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Dear Lucy

Where do I start? You are so crazy grown-up, I can't even stand it. You pretty much do everything. Your vocab is insane. New words and phrases,

Ollie barkin'
I want! I want! I want!
I hold/hug you
no nigh, nigh
sleep in mommy's bed?
you asleep mommy?
you tired mommy?
yay! bye bye!
I'm Lucy
stay Ollie

You pretty much take me by the hand and lead me everywhere. Personal space is not your specialty. And when we meet new people, you like to touch their face, or stand really close. Shyness is a thing of the past, and you say, "HI!" to everyone! You are a crazy, scary, climber, so I signed us up for gymnastics. Right now I tend to find you standing on the table, climbing into your chair, or sitting on the back of the couch. You hate being in the grocery cart, love sitting in the front seat of the car (when I'm not driving), hate little kid spoons and forks, and want to be a big kid all the time. Going down slides scare you, but you like to climb up.  You pretty much think you are the boss, ALL THE TIME, and hate time-outs, but are starting to get them more. Diaper changes are still a challenge, and so are bedtimes. I have discovered it is just because you don't want to be alone. If I lay on the floor in your room, you are fine. Or if you come lay down with me you are fine too. But most of the time, you are laughing. Laughing is your favorite and mine too.

Whitney and Lucy

Whitney and Jake came out to visit in July, and Lucy fell in love.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sun Valley

We went to Sun Valley in June with the Stewart clan. And I hardly took any pictures. For example, we went on bike rides every day, and I didn't take a single picture. And the house we stayed at was huge and gorgeous and a had a river in the backyard, but still not a single documentary photo. It's kind of sad, but not really. Sometimes I like not taking photos. I don't have to look to far to know why my camera sat in my bag all week. The week before our trip, I had 2 sittings, 2 back to back weddings, my birthday, Father's Day, and I taught the lesson for Relief Society. Yeah. That kind of takes it out of you. But, we did have an awesome time. Bruce and Lynette are so great to do this annual trip (locations may change, but a vacation happens every summer!) I think family trips are essential. I love watching Lucy building relationships with her cousins.

So to sum up the trip,

Good food, bike rides, Dance Central, treats, treats, treats, treats, games, melt-downs, swimming, nap times, bike rides, shopping, movie watching, sleeping, playing.

We can't wait for next year!