Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Saturday Love

Saturdays off, are few and far between, so we tend to pack it in when we can.

This particular Saturday included our first time at the Market, and the Eagles (fake Eagles) up at Deer Valley. We drank freshly squeezed, freshly shaken, mint limeades from our favorite stand, Sweet Salt Lake. Ate mango, dark chocolate cookies, from Ruby Snap, and relished all that was sweet and delicious.

Later, we headed up to Deer Valley, and enjoyed good music, and lots of kid wrangling. A million thanks goes out to the flock of pre-teen girls who sat in front of us, and played and played with Lucy and Samantha. It was almost like we didn't have kids with us. Almost.

Saturdays with my family are extra sweet.

P.S. Let us all say a fond farewell to the Polaroids. After 3 steady years, I'm down to my last box. Thanks Target, for supplying me with well over 500 treasures. I'm glad I bought you out over a six-month period. Dear, Impossible Project, I wish I loved you, but I don't. Dear Polaroid, come back please.