Sunday, August 29, 2010

To Market, To Market

I LOVE the Salt Lake Farmer's Market. And when I say love, it is a bit of an understatement.

It is a crazy mix of everything I consider awesome,

Scott, Oliver and Lucy,
Food, lots of it, all yummy,
Fresh veggies and fruits,
Samples, I like the homemade jams and salsas,
People watching,
Communityness (an official word that I made up),
Street Performers,
Crafts and arts,
Food. Did I already mention that?

This particular photo day included, mint limeades, a cute onesie for Lucy
and Bruges Waffles. Yesterday included green beans and corn.

I'm a little sad that summer is over and there are a few traditions that need to happen (Drive-inn Movie Theater!), but I'm looking forward to the State Fair and Greek Festival.

It has been so fun introducing Lucy to all our favorites. Isn't she a love?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Meal Planning Has Resumed

This past week we had,

Thursday-grilled corn-on-the cob, deconstructed shish kabobs (ha! Just made that term up.
It could easily have been called lazy man shish kabobs; the kabob without the skewer),
bruschetta, Italian sodas, peaches with cream

Friday-Homemade Pizzas
Scott-Ham/Pineapple, Lindsey-Fontina/heirloom tomatoes/new potatoes
Italian Sodas, Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes

Saturday-Heirloom tomato/fresh pasta, Farmer's Market green beans,
Italian Sodas, Peaches

Can you tell we are fans of the Italian sodas?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


You just know this little girl's mother reads her stories every night.

Pure magic.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ben Fold's

I wasn't suppose to go to this concert. I was suppose to photograph a wedding.

But the wedding was called off, which was sad. But then I realized
Ben Fold's was playing that Saturday, and I got a little happier.

Scott and I are super lucky, because Lynette plays for the Utah Symphony. This means
free concerts whenever we want. Which, really, we should take advantage of more often. But our absolute favorite concerts are the Deer Valley kind.

This particular concert I didn't get sick and it was warm and Lucy was happy and made it all the way to the 2nd to last song. I think this means we have a musically gifted child. Or, at least, a musically appreciative child.

Anyway, back on track. The concert was fabulous. The ice cream sandwich was fabulous. The company was fabulous. The scenery was fabulous. The burger was so-so.

Oh, and I got in trouble with my Contax. They thought it was a video camera. I couldn't convince them otherwise. I hate breaking the rules (although I tend to do it anyway), so I was super sneaky with the camera. I was afraid they were going to kick me out anytime I took a picture of Lucy.


Lucy, enthralled.

Where is Bruce?

Kelli, sans kids, which I think she said has happened twice? in the last 7 years.
Go Kelli!

If you think this is cute

just imagine this little face cooing and talking to the leaves, birds, rivers and mountains.

We love our baby backpack!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dear Lucy

You are pretty awesome right now. I can't believe how much you are changing and learning and growing.

Remember that time that I tried to get you to say "Mommy," when we were on a hike? You just looked at me and laughed and said, "Daddy." It was pretty cute. I'm okay that you don't say mommy. Daddy is pretty special.

You have your two bottom teeth, just barely came in! It makes for some painful kisses, since you prefer open mouth style.

You started crawling big-time on our Jackson Hole trip. It was so cute to see you do your little crawl shuffle. The toy that initially motivated you was Oliver's nasty tennis ball. Funny how his toys are your favorite and yours his. We now hide them, because if we aren't careful, you will suck on his previously slobbered tennis ball.

Here are some of your favorites,

playing with cousins
getting into everything
nursing (weaning is going to be rough, I can tell)

Things you don't like,

going to bed
having your diaper changed (we put a wipe on your face, which distracts you long enough)
getting your face cleaned
scary voices
loud sounds
the creepy baby on Baby Van Gogh
being confined

Your hair is growing in so pretty and thick, and you still have those crazy bangs I refuse to cut. You have thinned out a lot, and are now only in the 30% for weight, versus the 78%. I kind of miss your rolly polly belly. Your head is still ginormous, now at 99% versus 95%. Ha! Is that why you are so smart?

We still think you are the cutest thing ever and feel so lucky to be your parents.

We love you more than ever, sweet girl!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Deer Valley, Lucy, and Puking

Deer Valley concerts are a summer ritual in our family. Our ability to go is 100% dependent on my wedding schedule and luckily this year we were able to go twice.

Which was awesome. Also awesome, their ice cream sandwiches and fresh lemonade.

Not so awesome? The fact that 1 hour after these pictures were taken I was puking more than I ever have in my life. Even more than during my pregnancy.

I thought I might die that night, but I lived to write this post, so all is well. And next year hopefully we can make it to even more concerts, with hopefully less puking.

Don't you love the picture of Lucy eating the bread? Her first taste and she is just like her mommy and daddy.

A carb lover.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jackson Hole

We are on vacation. It's awesome. Except for when Scott locked our keys in the car.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kiddie Pool

Lately, I have been feeling a little stretched too thin. I have had a lot of work, and not a lot of Lucy and mommy time.

Putting the computer down to go out and play with Lucy and Oliver in the kiddie pool was the best decision I made all week. Maybe all month.

Lucy loved her pool so much, and I loved enjoying it with her.
She is growing up too fast and I don't want to miss anything.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bruges Waffles

Bruges Waffles are seriously amazing. Seriously. It was worth the 30 minute wait with a fussy baby to get one...or two.

We have been fans since Bruges was just a wee stand in the Farmer's Market. And now they have their own store, which might be a tad slow. But we don't mind...that much.

It is worth the wait for the caramelized, crunchy, sweet, dark chocolate, strawberry heaven-on-a-paper-plate.

By the way, has anyone been in the store lately? Did you notice the creepy little girl eating a waffle poster? Sorry, I'm pretty sure it's the owner's daughter, but she scares me. Kind of like how that baby sculpture on Baby Da Vinci FREAKS Lucy out. Every time.