Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ben Fold's

I wasn't suppose to go to this concert. I was suppose to photograph a wedding.

But the wedding was called off, which was sad. But then I realized
Ben Fold's was playing that Saturday, and I got a little happier.

Scott and I are super lucky, because Lynette plays for the Utah Symphony. This means
free concerts whenever we want. Which, really, we should take advantage of more often. But our absolute favorite concerts are the Deer Valley kind.

This particular concert I didn't get sick and it was warm and Lucy was happy and made it all the way to the 2nd to last song. I think this means we have a musically gifted child. Or, at least, a musically appreciative child.

Anyway, back on track. The concert was fabulous. The ice cream sandwich was fabulous. The company was fabulous. The scenery was fabulous. The burger was so-so.

Oh, and I got in trouble with my Contax. They thought it was a video camera. I couldn't convince them otherwise. I hate breaking the rules (although I tend to do it anyway), so I was super sneaky with the camera. I was afraid they were going to kick me out anytime I took a picture of Lucy.


Lucy, enthralled.

Where is Bruce?

Kelli, sans kids, which I think she said has happened twice? in the last 7 years.
Go Kelli!


Taryn said...

It must stink to be you..oh never mind that is just me. Poppycock with all your free stuff.

Rob and Kelli Hall said...

I'm glad we all made it up together at least once... :)