Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bruges Waffles

Bruges Waffles are seriously amazing. Seriously. It was worth the 30 minute wait with a fussy baby to get one...or two.

We have been fans since Bruges was just a wee stand in the Farmer's Market. And now they have their own store, which might be a tad slow. But we don't mind...that much.

It is worth the wait for the caramelized, crunchy, sweet, dark chocolate, strawberry heaven-on-a-paper-plate.

By the way, has anyone been in the store lately? Did you notice the creepy little girl eating a waffle poster? Sorry, I'm pretty sure it's the owner's daughter, but she scares me. Kind of like how that baby sculpture on Baby Da Vinci FREAKS Lucy out. Every time.

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caitlin said...

Wow, we must go at good times. It's never busy when we go. I love Bruges, and I love the owner, he's so nice and funny.