Monday, August 16, 2010

Dear Lucy

You are pretty awesome right now. I can't believe how much you are changing and learning and growing.

Remember that time that I tried to get you to say "Mommy," when we were on a hike? You just looked at me and laughed and said, "Daddy." It was pretty cute. I'm okay that you don't say mommy. Daddy is pretty special.

You have your two bottom teeth, just barely came in! It makes for some painful kisses, since you prefer open mouth style.

You started crawling big-time on our Jackson Hole trip. It was so cute to see you do your little crawl shuffle. The toy that initially motivated you was Oliver's nasty tennis ball. Funny how his toys are your favorite and yours his. We now hide them, because if we aren't careful, you will suck on his previously slobbered tennis ball.

Here are some of your favorites,

playing with cousins
getting into everything
nursing (weaning is going to be rough, I can tell)

Things you don't like,

going to bed
having your diaper changed (we put a wipe on your face, which distracts you long enough)
getting your face cleaned
scary voices
loud sounds
the creepy baby on Baby Van Gogh
being confined

Your hair is growing in so pretty and thick, and you still have those crazy bangs I refuse to cut. You have thinned out a lot, and are now only in the 30% for weight, versus the 78%. I kind of miss your rolly polly belly. Your head is still ginormous, now at 99% versus 95%. Ha! Is that why you are so smart?

We still think you are the cutest thing ever and feel so lucky to be your parents.

We love you more than ever, sweet girl!


BreeAnn said...

she is adorable!

caitlin said...

Oh man, the cuteness that radiates from that little one. Is it possible she keeps getting cuter and cuter?? I want to see your pictures from Jackson Hole!