Thursday, July 30, 2009

{I Like Black Cherry, It is My Favorite}

This summer has been a summer of work and projects. Other than crazy vacations (where I have either gotten sick, injured or both) we have been busy, busy, busy. Which means our awesome goal of sno-cone consumption has pretty much been neglected. Until last week. Last week we made two stops at Island Flavor up in Holladay. Yummy.
The first time around Scott got Black Cherry and I was secretly jealous after tasting his. It was so much better than my peach raspberry! So, on Friday after a long day of fence building, retouching, editing and photographing, we made a 9pm stop to Island Flavor--bless the poor girls who had to work there on the 24th.
Scott declared he was breaking all the rules and ordering Black Cherry again. I was torn, because we were suppose to try all the flavors, not just our favorite ones over and over again, but I wanted Black Cherry too. In the end I decided in favor of the spirit and not the law and we both were happy.
I made Scott promise to try something different next time though.
I think I'm going to go for lime with cream.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

{My First Craving}

The other night, around 12:30 I found Scott and informed that I really, really, really wanted a chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting. I mean, I really, really, really, really, really wanted one. I told him it was my first craving and it was a pity to deny it.
Alas, it was late and all the cupcake stores were closed.
The next morning though Scott picked me up a dozen mini cupcakes from So Cupcake. Apparently, they don't make chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, but he explained the situation and they pulled some magic frosting out of the back. And Scott arrived home triumphant and I was super glad. I ate four in about 5 minutes and he ate two.
I meant to take pictures, because that is what conscientious bloggers do, but I couldn't be bothered to pull my camera out before they were gone.

So sorry if you wanted a picture. Trust me, they looked and tasted fabulous.

Monday, July 27, 2009

{Charley, You are Evil}

Once-upon-a-time charley-horses were few and far between. I'd get them maybe once every two years. Now I get them about twice a month. They freak me out. I'm half asleep, rolling over and stretching and, "OH NO" my leg goes into a terrible spasm. I start freaking out and screaming and Scott reaches over and forces my leg straight. It scares me almost as much as when my contact rolls behind my eye and I can't get it out (when that happens I feel like I'm going to throw up).
Charley-horses have me so worried now, that I remind myself in my sleep to tuck my legs when rolling over and not too stretch. I catch myself waking up when I'm about to turn. Someone told me this is related to pregnancy and if so, it is more annoying than the constant need to pee--even though the increase in bathroom need has started to become a logistics issue during photo shoots.

So, thanks a lot charley. You stink.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

{A Little Help From My Friends}

This summer has been a summer of projects. So far we have replaced our air-conditioner and furnace (not planned), fixed our crumbling, carpet glue, blue porch and foundation, removed the grass from the park strip and planted it with drought tolerant plants, and are working on the two upstairs bedrooms (read disaster closets). Our most ambition project so far, though, is our new fence.
While initially a new fence was not a high priority, Oliver's escape tactic have expedited our plans. On Friday Scott and Bruce were able to put up most of the front East fence. They would have finished except for a miscalculation on how much wood was needed. It is so exciting to see the yard starting to take shape. I should post how the house looked when we bought it--weed central my friends. It is looking so good now though.
A special thanks goes to Bruce for working long, hot hours on a holiday putting up the slats and rails, Lynette for staining, and Chris for helping set the posts. We are so grateful for all the help!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

{Last Minute Assistant}

Hey, is anyone interested in assisting me on Saturday with a wedding? The girl who I had scheduled just canceled tonight. It is going to be a fun wedding with lots of awesome details.
Sorry for the super late notice. I had triple checked with her so it kind of a bummer when she bailed. It is at the SL Temple in the morning and the McCune Mansion from 5-10:30.
If anyone is interested in the inner workings of a wedding just let me know!

Thanks for all of the offers. A big huge thanks to the fabulous Ali Harmon who came out and was absolutely wonderful.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The Avedon, Frank and Adams exhibit's at the MOMA was one of the highlights of our trip. I was utterly blown away. It was so refreshing to be in midst of such a powerful body of work. It reminded me why I love photography so much. I would have to say I enjoyed Avedon the most and Adams the least. I'm not much of a landscape girl, even though Edward Weston used to be my idol. Robert Frank was pretty impressive too. I love the image in the middle. Such a seemingly simple image says so much.

I loved the whole thing. Even though it followed the "worst first day of vacation ever."




Monday, July 20, 2009

{Meet My New Baby}

Isn't she so pretty and sparkly...and big. What a healthy girl. I think I will call her Chloe after one of our rejected baby names.

Chloe, you are a peach of a purse.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

{The Squeaky Bed}

We are home. At long last. This San Fran trip was a bit of adventure. So many good times to share, some slightly inappropriate, (i.e. funny).

This story is not exactly chronological. I should start with the "worst first day of vacation ever" or "the week I couldn't walk", but I think I'll start with the squeaky bed.

So, on our first night at our new hotel (yes, we switched, more on that later), Scott and I heard a funny sound at night. It was squeaky and loud. It was consistent and after a few minutes it grew in intensity. It sounded slightly violent. And then,

silence....shower on.

By this point we are giggling. Two hours later the same thing. Early in the morning, same thing. EEEE EEEE EEE. For 4 straight days and nights.

I had two theories, honeymooners or a business man with a lady of the night. Who else gets that much love? Props to you if you do.

We kind of felt like pervs. Should we turn on the TV out of respect? Talk really loud? Keep a stopwatch and scorecard; "7:15 was especially impressive, no 10:20 was a record".

I was so, so curious on who was in the next room. Was it that young couple checking out? They maybe looked like they were on their honeymoon. Maybe the couple in the elevator?

Finally, Scott got the coveted glance. As he was going out one day he saw them leaving their suite and overheard them talking to the maid. Apparently they are young, from Phoenix and...on their honeymoon.

Score! I totally called it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

{Coming Home}

So many stories to share. Just you wait.

We are ready to be home though. Two trips back to back makes us a little homesick. Which is strange because we love to travel.

Maybe I'm nesting?

Stay tuned for the "Squeaky Bed."

Thursday, July 9, 2009

{Lily Grace or Lucy Grace}

I'm stuck and can't decide. Scott is loving Lily so she may be little Miss Lil.

I'm trying to analyze the names from all angles;

nicknames, teasing factor, adult appropriateness. They are just both so darling. I'm torn.

It is fun to finally plan a little. Miss L even received her first gift last week. My cute friend Cammie sent this onesie as a surprise. How darling is that? We maybe also bought a few Jackson Hole themed gifts for her. One she can't wear until she is 2. We are nerds.

P.S. We are in San Fran all next week so no new posts. Not that I have been super good about it anything. Oh, and in case anyone was wondering the furnace/air conditioner is still not fixed. 90 degrees and pregnant is not good for my mental state. Thank goodness we are headed for somewhere a little cooler!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Scott and I are headed to San Francisco this weekend for the "Film is Not Dead Workshop."

We are looking for some great places to eat and any fun ideas on things to do. We know we are going to,

Go to the Museum of Modern Art-Richard Avedon and Robert Frank Exhibits...sweet
See Alcatraz
Go to the Golden Gate Park

Other than that we don't know. Any great suggestions for stores, places to eat, etc?

Friday, July 3, 2009

{America, America}

Scott and I are taking a little vacation this weekend to Jackson Hole.

This is most necessary because I'm starting to lose my mind.

Yesterday may have involved,

complete rain soakage as I photographed a wedding
3 computer crashes
1 air conditioner/furnace failure
2 tear filled melt downs
several headaches
a new cold
a lot of, "I'm so overwhelmed, I'm so tired's"
me being cranky pants numero uno

A little vacation never looked so beautiful.

I hope your 4th is fun, relaxing and fabulous.