Monday, July 27, 2009

{Charley, You are Evil}

Once-upon-a-time charley-horses were few and far between. I'd get them maybe once every two years. Now I get them about twice a month. They freak me out. I'm half asleep, rolling over and stretching and, "OH NO" my leg goes into a terrible spasm. I start freaking out and screaming and Scott reaches over and forces my leg straight. It scares me almost as much as when my contact rolls behind my eye and I can't get it out (when that happens I feel like I'm going to throw up).
Charley-horses have me so worried now, that I remind myself in my sleep to tuck my legs when rolling over and not too stretch. I catch myself waking up when I'm about to turn. Someone told me this is related to pregnancy and if so, it is more annoying than the constant need to pee--even though the increase in bathroom need has started to become a logistics issue during photo shoots.

So, thanks a lot charley. You stink.


caitlin said...

Love the picture choices. I agree. I think charley horses are the meanest things. I have had them so bad I will be screaching. I'm sure the neighbors think I am being tortured.. which is EXACTLY right.

brad&sav said...

let me tell you, i got to the point i was having one EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! i thought i was going to die. i told brad that if labor was anything like a charley horse, we made a mistake. but i found that i was eating ALOT of bananas, and when i stopped eating them i got less charley horses... so you might want to try that if you are loving nanners right now.