Wednesday, July 22, 2009

{Last Minute Assistant}

Hey, is anyone interested in assisting me on Saturday with a wedding? The girl who I had scheduled just canceled tonight. It is going to be a fun wedding with lots of awesome details.
Sorry for the super late notice. I had triple checked with her so it kind of a bummer when she bailed. It is at the SL Temple in the morning and the McCune Mansion from 5-10:30.
If anyone is interested in the inner workings of a wedding just let me know!

Thanks for all of the offers. A big huge thanks to the fabulous Ali Harmon who came out and was absolutely wonderful.


katiekimmcdermott said...

Lindsey, I would be able to help you on Saturday night if you need. Bethanie is going through the temple in the morning so I couldn't do the temple, but let me know.

I've been doing pretty well this week and I think it would be super fun.

Call me or email me if you need me! Hope everything works out...

Taryn said...

i wish I could, that would be fun.

JT and Lizzie Davis said...

Blast, I would totally want to do that if I lived in Utah. Did I tell you I just started a photography class?

Kate said...

Katherine Wallin sent me a link to your blog. I would LOVE to assist you anytime, but this weekend I am booked already. If you are ever looking for an assistant any other time you can always contact me! Thanks,

PS I think you did my friend Syd Stringham's wedding last October. We chatted a bit, I'm her friend from Philly, but we just moved to SLC this past month.

Anyways, Best of luck this weekend. I really wish it would have worked out for me to help.