Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Scott and I are headed to San Francisco this weekend for the "Film is Not Dead Workshop."

We are looking for some great places to eat and any fun ideas on things to do. We know we are going to,

Go to the Museum of Modern Art-Richard Avedon and Robert Frank Exhibits...sweet
See Alcatraz
Go to the Golden Gate Park

Other than that we don't know. Any great suggestions for stores, places to eat, etc?


caitlin said...

I told Scott the last time he came in to pick up your pictures that you should do a bonfire on the beach.

LINDSEY! I'm not kidding, this was one of the funnest things we did. The best part was that all the wood was already there for us. There are pits all over the beach and the houses in that area are gorgeous. We wished we would have taken some smores to roast, but the ocean breeze and the sand was so nice.

Wear a jacket it's chilly. Other than that, everything we did was fun. All of the touristy stuff was worth it. Have fun! I'm so jealous. And I can't wait to see your photo's!

Allison said...

If you want Chinese like you have never had it, go to House of Nanking, I seriously Dream about it still. I have a list my friend sent me of things to do in the bay area. I will email it to you too. Have fun! I am jealous.

BTW I still owe you, don't forget.

royal said...

Every time I go in to SF, I stop at Boudin - a Sourdough Bread Bakery (I always go to Fisherman's Wharf so I can also eat crab if I feel like it).
They have an awesome Asiago Cheese Sourdough and a delicious tomato basil soup (in a bread bowl, of course).

tiernybugs said...

Hey there cuz! I love San Francisco! There is tons to do while you are there. There are a ton of great restaurants to go to and tons a places you need to visit. There's Coit Tower, The Cliff House, The Exploratorium, Lumbar Street, Fisherman's Warf, Lands End and Pier 39. The restaurants that you should eat at are: The Rainforest Cafe, Hard Rock Cafe, The Stinky Rose, Oriental Pearl,Swan Oyster Depot and Le Metro Cafe. The last 3 restaurants are in the book $40 a Day by Rachel Ray. Let me know how the Film is not dead workshop goes. Have a great time in San Francisco and take tons of pictures for me. Take care and have a great rest of the week!!! Have a great weekend!!!