Thursday, July 30, 2009

{I Like Black Cherry, It is My Favorite}

This summer has been a summer of work and projects. Other than crazy vacations (where I have either gotten sick, injured or both) we have been busy, busy, busy. Which means our awesome goal of sno-cone consumption has pretty much been neglected. Until last week. Last week we made two stops at Island Flavor up in Holladay. Yummy.
The first time around Scott got Black Cherry and I was secretly jealous after tasting his. It was so much better than my peach raspberry! So, on Friday after a long day of fence building, retouching, editing and photographing, we made a 9pm stop to Island Flavor--bless the poor girls who had to work there on the 24th.
Scott declared he was breaking all the rules and ordering Black Cherry again. I was torn, because we were suppose to try all the flavors, not just our favorite ones over and over again, but I wanted Black Cherry too. In the end I decided in favor of the spirit and not the law and we both were happy.
I made Scott promise to try something different next time though.
I think I'm going to go for lime with cream.


cathycan said...

Lindsey, man that sno-cone looks yummie! I saw something you might enjoy
p.s. sorry about the charlie horses,they scare me too!

katiekimmcdermott said...

That place is right by my work... I may have to stop sometime and get one on my way home...