Sunday, July 26, 2009

{A Little Help From My Friends}

This summer has been a summer of projects. So far we have replaced our air-conditioner and furnace (not planned), fixed our crumbling, carpet glue, blue porch and foundation, removed the grass from the park strip and planted it with drought tolerant plants, and are working on the two upstairs bedrooms (read disaster closets). Our most ambition project so far, though, is our new fence.
While initially a new fence was not a high priority, Oliver's escape tactic have expedited our plans. On Friday Scott and Bruce were able to put up most of the front East fence. They would have finished except for a miscalculation on how much wood was needed. It is so exciting to see the yard starting to take shape. I should post how the house looked when we bought it--weed central my friends. It is looking so good now though.
A special thanks goes to Bruce for working long, hot hours on a holiday putting up the slats and rails, Lynette for staining, and Chris for helping set the posts. We are so grateful for all the help!

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