Thursday, July 16, 2009

{The Squeaky Bed}

We are home. At long last. This San Fran trip was a bit of adventure. So many good times to share, some slightly inappropriate, (i.e. funny).

This story is not exactly chronological. I should start with the "worst first day of vacation ever" or "the week I couldn't walk", but I think I'll start with the squeaky bed.

So, on our first night at our new hotel (yes, we switched, more on that later), Scott and I heard a funny sound at night. It was squeaky and loud. It was consistent and after a few minutes it grew in intensity. It sounded slightly violent. And then,

silence....shower on.

By this point we are giggling. Two hours later the same thing. Early in the morning, same thing. EEEE EEEE EEE. For 4 straight days and nights.

I had two theories, honeymooners or a business man with a lady of the night. Who else gets that much love? Props to you if you do.

We kind of felt like pervs. Should we turn on the TV out of respect? Talk really loud? Keep a stopwatch and scorecard; "7:15 was especially impressive, no 10:20 was a record".

I was so, so curious on who was in the next room. Was it that young couple checking out? They maybe looked like they were on their honeymoon. Maybe the couple in the elevator?

Finally, Scott got the coveted glance. As he was going out one day he saw them leaving their suite and overheard them talking to the maid. Apparently they are young, from Phoenix and...on their honeymoon.

Score! I totally called it.


Robin said...

Score, indeed. :)

Taryn said...

too funny! Too thin of walls for anyones comfort.

caitlin said...

Oh Lindsey, you crafted this well. I love your sense of humor.. I can just picture you and Scott with scorecards and stopwatches. Such a classic story!

(Can't wait to see pictures from the trip!)

Tara said...

That is so funny!

lifeinredshoes said...

Remember James Brown, the singer? Anyway, I have a friend that was staying in some swanky hotel and the people in the next room were, well, quite "active". Everytime they got their groove on the headboard would bang on the wall. Connie figured it must be a couple of honeymooners, she was very surprised to see a celeb come out of the room with an attractive young lady!

P.S. this was pre-Viagra;)

BreeAnn said...

ha! that is totally so funny! I love it!

Laura Lassiter Carroll said...

If you had turned on some sexy music loudly, that would have been quite appropriate!