Monday, June 1, 2009

{9 Years of Bliss}

Scott and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary last week. Here are some highlight and lowlights of the last 9 years.

In no specific order,

1-Tornado on wedding day
2-Gelato on the Spanish Steps
3-Cinque Terre hike in the rain
4-Jumping off the rock at Phelps Lake
5-All of our many, many fights
6-Late night conversations about everything
7-Official engagement at Fresco's or Lindsey's first experience with GOOD Italian food
8-Jumping in the fountain
9-Getting in trouble at work together (i.e. playing MASH)
10-Starting a two person book club at First Security
11-Flyfishing together
12-The magical Cotswolds
13-Getting lost in Bath...7 times
14-Purchasing our first home
15-Finally leaving our nasty apartment on S street
16-Lindsey dressed up as Velma (it was Halloween), proposing to Scott...accidentally
17-Picking up Oliver for the first time
18-Everything to do with Jackson Hole
19-Growing oldish together
20-The "fight" that lead to "I Love You" and the infamous proposal
21-Lindsey forcing Scott to dress up for Halloween
22-Adventure's in the Catacombs (or really, lack there of)
23-Scott mailing Lindsey postcards during are "hang out phase," but forgetting to address them
24-Whale watching in Victoria
25-Customs in Canada
26-Our first kind of date (Thanks First Security for tarring that roof)
27-Lindsey making it through the first 30 seconds of It
28-The view of Siena from the Clock Tower
29-Scott being dragged everywhere by Lindsey
30-Ciabatta bread, Aranchiata's and Brie
31-Being there for the bombings in London
32-Stonehenge and Summer Solstice
33-Scott and the pigeons in Venice
34-Take out
35-Lindsey's first and last disastrous bike ride
36-State Fairs, Farmer's Markets and Tinfoil dinners up the canyon
37-Reading, reading, reading
38-Scott laughing hysterically at his own jokes
39-28 hour Disneyland trip
40-Oliver knocking Scott down the stairs
41-The day Lindsey was attacked by a mattress-Mattress 1, Lindsey 0
42-Climbing the Tor
43-Remodeling together
44-Taking Oliver on walks
45-4 degrees (Photography, Communications, English, Masters of English)
46-Working so hard to do the jobs we love
47-Being poor
48-Paying off debt, still
49-Lindsey trying to get Scott to dance
4-Finally seeing a positive on the pregnancy test

Here's to many, many more years of love, fights, stories, private jokes, good food, life, and happiness.


katiekimmcdermott said...

Cute post!! Happy 9 years.... I'm so happy for you guys. You are both pretty freakin' cool people if I do say so myself and you definitely deserve one another..

PS: We need an update on how you are feeling, when you find out the sex (if you are), etc..

Robin said...

Happy. You two = adorable. I wanna hear that proposal story now. :)

tiernybugs said...

Hey there cuz! I love the post. Happy 9 year wedding anniversary! Congrats! Today is my friend Becca's anniversary and she has also been married for 9 years. How are you feeling? When do you find out the sex of the baby? Take care of yourself and have a great new week!!! Have a great weekend!!!

caitlin said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! I still laugh when I think of your funny proposal. Classic!

What a fun list too.

The Ballards said...

This makes me excited to be married for 9 whole years (and beyond)!! :) Congrats!

BreeAnn said...

Happy Anniversary! Very cute! SO when do we find out what you are having? I am dying here!

Aria Bethards said...

what an adorable photo. i love the list -you guys are such a cute couple. I could tell you're still crazy about each other after 9 years when I saw Scott drive a half hour just to see you for 5 minutes. :) I'm excited to hear what the gender is of your little squirt!

Tara and Dan said...

Loved reading the stories :) Congrats, you two!