Saturday, March 27, 2010

5 Months

Today Lucy has been a Lucy Monster, but she is also known as,

Poopy princess
Monkey brains (this is Scott's...weird)
Miss L
Silly girl
Lucy Lu
Poopy pants
Pretty girl
Sweetie pie

But today, Lucy Monster.

Lucy Monster: Refusal to take naps, extreme fussiness/tiredness/unhappiness, fights eating, needs-to-be-held-at-all-times-by-mom-or-else.


Taryn said...

sometimes I feel like I am looking at your baby picture. Maybe she is teething. Sometimes they are working in there, but take a long time to come thru. they just go up and down. is she drooling a lot? If you give her baby tylenol does it seem to make her a little happier? I would give her a little, why have her in pain, and it is not going to hurt her if you give it to her and she isn't teething.

Taryn said...

you know she might have an upset tummy or something too, maybe something you ate didn't settle well with her.

caitlin said...

Oh I love her face. I love all the nicknames, and need to see her again so I can chib on her.

(Definition of Chib: To lightly pinch or squeeze. As in "Man those cheeks are cute, I want to chib them." Taken from the Caitlintionary)