Friday, June 11, 2010


About a month ago Scott, Lucy and I took a little road trip down to Zion's for a wedding I was shooting. And it made us realize that traveling with a baby is it a bit different.

It didn't help that we were all sick or that the two places we ate at lost our food, or that
none us got any sleep (Lucy is new places is WIDE AWAKE), but we did manage to to take a little stroll before I went to work. So here are a few pics of darling Springdale with a few random pictures of Zion's. I like to mix it up.


Whitney said...

Love Springdale and Zions! After going there I thought it would be cool to permentantly live there and run a rental business...oh I miss that place and just Utah in general...

Rob and Kelli said...

I like the pictures...and Scott looks awesome sporting the Baby Bjorn. Thank heavens for the Baby Bjorn. :)