Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Blog, New Look, New Day

Keeping up with two blogs, has ended up being too much for me, and in the interest of simplifying my life, I'm moving everything over to my work blog,


I really hope this doesn't bum anyone out, but I like the idea of all my work and thoughts being located in one area.

So, without further ado, if you would like to follow the adventures of Miss Lucy and all the Stewart happenings, they will now be in my shiny new spot, which has been so professionally designed and beautified. It's a big step up! If you want to find the Lucy posts, they will always be under the personal category, so super easy to find.

Thanks so much for joining us over there!


Anonymous said...

Well, I looked at it almost everyday. But I guess a doting Grandma is not enough. No more pictures for my computer screen, but I think I understand.

Lindsey said...

Mom, just follow on the new blog. I'm going to post just as much there. Its way easier to post there and I like how it looks better too. I was putting a lot of hours a week posting on both, and it just got too much for me. I hardly got comments, so it seemed like no one was reading it anyway. The new blog will be way better!

Lizzie said...

I read your blog! But I'll read your other one too. Love your pictures & stories.

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I read your blog! But I'll read your other one too. Love your pictures & stories.


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