Monday, October 22, 2007

The Sweet Life

I have only been to the beach about 4 times in my whole life. It is pretty pathetic. I love being there. I find it very peaceful-I also have only been to the beach during the off season. These are some more images from our trip to San Diego last spring. The beaches are La Jolla and Coronado. It was great. Looking back at them it seems I liked to take pictures of people looking at things. The 3 ladies are looking at a school (a swarm, a pride, a pack?) of dolphins. Scott thought the dolphins were sharks and was fascinated. I'm pretty sure they were dolphins but sharks sound much cooler. The other group is looking at a colony (I googled the correct term this time) of seals. There were lots of babies. Looking at these pictures make me want to travel more. Both Taryn and Kelli live by the beach so this probably seems tame to them.