Friday, October 12, 2007

This Is Halloween

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday ever. From March to November I'm absolutely convinced this is true . However, once we get a Christmas tree and start listening to Christmas music I realize that Christmas does indeed trump Halloween. During those other 8 months though Halloween is king. I love so many things about it. First off it is during Fall which is my absolute favorite time of year. If you ask my family they will tell you I'm really into favorites. I'm always asking "what's your favorite movie, favorite song, favorite book". It's a running joke to ask me my "top 5." Fall is just so fabulous. Fall is sweaters and jeans, clean blue days, carmel apples, blankets of red and yellow leaves and Halloween. Halloween is just as fabulous. I love kitschy Halloween decorations and haunted houses. I always think I like scary movies until I start to watch them-ask my husband regarding the "It" incident of 2001. I like dressing up and seeing all the cute kids dressed up. I like eating candy, passing out candy and carving pumpkins-even though neither Scott or I like removing the gross insides. I like Thriller and I'm trying to convince Scott to learn the dance. I'm sure that skill will be so handy. When we have kids we can teach them as well and we can have a whole troupe of Michael Jackson impersonating zombie dancers. The funniest thing about Halloween is I hate being scared. I like the idea of being scared but in reality it is the worst. Scary movies freak me out. I watch them with my eyes closed, hands over ears, under a blanket and then have Scott narrate for me. I have learned to handle haunted houses by ignoring the scary people in them. They don't seem to bother you if if you don't scream. My all-time favorite Halloween movie is the "Nightmare before Christmas" and attached is my all-time "favorite" song.

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tara said...

Spooky spooky spooky!! It's kinda sad I can't get out my Halloween decorations this year. They're in boxes who know where. But I can still eat candy corn!!

Thanks for the real estate advice. Dan has a friend in the business who is set up to help us, but if it doesn't work out, we will surely give you a call!

Happy early Halloween!