Thursday, November 29, 2007

2 Guns, a Teddy Bear and a Box of Clay Pigeons

Every Thanksgiving the Stewart's hold their annual Clay Pigeon Shootout. It is a long standing tradition in the Stewart family to get up early Thanksgiving morning, drive straight west to the middle of nowhere and shoot guns for a couple of hours. The event holds no suspense for me...Surprise! I missed all of my shots in the first round and I'm out. For the men in this family it means something so much more. It means that the winner gets a stale Reese's cup purchased at the gas station on the way home and bragging rights for a year. Testosterone driven, the males fight it out-trash talking all the way. This year I brought my camera and that proved to be much more exciting for me than shooting with a gun. It was a really beautiful cold day and I had fun capturing all the nail biting action and male bonding.

I'm bored.

Typical Stewart male bonding.

So pretty, sooo cold!

I'm so anti-gun, it's weird to watch Scott shoot one.

Triumphant Bruce!

Where are we again?

The official family videographer.

This sad, mangled teddy was found abandoned in the field. It was strangely amusing to see the teddy bear get blown to smitherins.

Dan, Scott and Bruce praying to the Clay Pigeon Gods.


Alli said...

Lindsey- I found your blog and I love it! Your pics are fantastic too! Thanks for the rundown on the trashiest event our family takes part of

tara & dan said...

I love these pics! You certainly have the eye! And, I love that Bruce is there every step of the way with the video cam.

It's so much more fun for me to look at the pics afterwards than actually being there :) hahaha

adam said...

Love the pictures... it was great seeing you guys! We don't get together as much as we should. Don't forget this spring, I am excited to hit the town with our cameras in hand.

Travis,Taryn and Cooper said...

Linds- Your pictures are great. It ALMOST makes me want to be there. I love looking at your blog, I am your blog stalker really. Love you