Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Domestic Goddess I Am Not

Since buying our house I have decided to introduce some much needed domesticity into our lives. Our cooking habits have previously been abysmally poor, our clothes to be ironed are neglected for months and I never, ever clean in the bathroom with a toothbrush. Having recently discovered our latent nesting instincts; however, it was time to start working towards a long treasured goal of mine-Domestic Goddesshood. To begin, I bought a frilly apron, reaquainted myself with my cookbooks and made my first pie. I was so extraordinarily proud of my pie that I began thinking I was well on my way to domestic bliss domination-a pie is after all the fast-track option. Alas, how soon I realized how low I had sunk in the year and half we lived at Scott's parents house. After weeks and weeks of complaining about our new dryer just not drying anymore, Scott discovered the problem. Yep, that is 4 months of compacted lint. Silly things like the lint catcher (does that have a proper name?) have completely escaped my notice. I'm sorry to say that not only did I never remove the lint from Lynette's dryer when we lived there; I even forgot such a thing existed. I'm not sure if proper lint removal falls under the Domestic Goddess's duties, but I'm sure it is part of her managerial skills as in, "Scott, remove the lint!" Although newly humbled, I have been proud of my few success-crepes suzette, an apple pie, carrot cake...and that is about it so far. I take comfort in the fact that they tasted pretty good. Family is coming over for the holidays and if that is successful I think I can remove my training wheels and move onto more complicated tasks such as sewing and learning how to use our meat thermometer.


Travis,Taryn and Cooper said...

Did you really buy a frilly apron. Either way I am really very impressed with all your baking. I am sure scott is enjoying it too. I miss you guys especially when you write about the lint incident.

Marianne said...

That is freaking hilarious! I have never seen lint that thick before in MY LIFE! HAahahahahhahhaahahahhahahahahah.

tara & dan said...

hahahahaahahahhahahaha it looks like a dead animal!!