Friday, May 30, 2008

{Poor Oliver}

In attempt to get Oliver more "comfortable" with being alone outside, Scott and I have been leaving him out there while we shower and get ready in the morning. We figure this way he only has to endure the "alone" time for about 30-40 minutes before we come and get him. Apparently even this is too long. This morning I looked out my window to see him doing this. Poor Oliver gets so sad when we aren't watching and adoring his every move. He has decided he will get as close to us as he can by sittings on his peoples chair. Perhaps this is a small improvement over lying by the gate and whining. Poor, poor Oliver.

Oh, on a side note we took him to the vet yesterday. Our little puppy is now a huge 42 pounds. He has gained 18 pounds since we last took him to the vet. Our favorite puppy comment comes daily when we are walking him. Without fail we hear, "Oh! Cute puppy...Oh, he is going to be big." Yes, we know. He is big.

I see you in there. Come and get me!
Yay! Treat, ball, people, ball, kitchen, treat, treat, treat.


Taryn said...

he now weighs 2 of Roxie. He doesn't seem that big from the pictures. He is so cute!

Rob & Kelli said...

Oh...that is such a cute post. And what a great personality Oliver has. He gets so much love from you guys, he just wants to give some back. Who does like being alone anyways!?!

shan & andrew said...

I love Oliver posts! I was going to say "What a cute lil' guy!" but then, he's not so lil' is he!? :)

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

Ok ok, I'll tell Dan to stop feeding him Lucky Charms....

PS- I laughed out loud at the first picture of him in the chair with his head tilted ever-so-slightly. He makes me smile :)