Thursday, January 22, 2009

{It's Back}

and like always, I'm super stressed about it.
I'm always worried about what Ben is up to, who is telling the truth? is Kate going to be okay? is Jack going to be okay? do I like Jack or Sawyer better for Kate? who is going to die? what happened to Locke? does Sun seem a little suspicious? who is that lady with the cape--did we see her before? Yes, I'm sure we did, but I can't remember!

It is really a love/hate thing Lost and I have going. If only I had the willpower to watch the full season in one grand DVD showing.

I don't.

Thanks ABC for making me nervous.


brad&sav said...

I KNOW! i am there with you! it totally gives me anxiety but i love it... and brad hates it!

caitlin said...

Bob stopped watching, because he hated never getting the answers quick enough. I love it. I love the feeling of not knowing what will happen. (yes we saw the lady in the cape back in the episode with Desmond, she was in the watch shop)

Um, and I am a big Sawyer fan. Bob makes fun of Jack. He says he is always breathing heavy. I know if I were single and stuck on an island with those two men, I would go for Sawyer! Oh and I love Hurley, if they ever kill him off I will have to stop watching!

(Long comment.. love the show!)

Tara and Dan said...

If they didn't have the recaps I'd be a LOST cause (get it? get it???)