Sunday, January 25, 2009


I have been reading, "Lost: The Search for 6 of 6 Million" and it has put me in a pensive mood. I may not have always been a photographer, but I have always loved looking at photos. Especially old photos and family pictures. I remember seeing old black and whites of my grandma in her swimming suit at Soltaire and pictures of my mom as a little girl with a pixie hair cut. It is strange to see your grandma as a 17 year-old in a bikini swimming on the beach. You realize people have lives outside of you. I wanted to know the stories behind the pictures. Who were these people before I ever knew them?
Thinking of memories, photos, stories and histories I decided to pull out my old photos and came across this one of me. I think I'm in 2nd grade. Usually I'm smiling in pictures and I think that is why I like this one so much. I like that I'm smirking. This wasn't a school picture, so I think my teacher must have taken this for some reason. My hair is curled though, so I must have known I was going to have my picture taken. Curly hair was reserved for picture day.
I don't even really remember myself at this age. I remember thinking my teacher didn't like me (Mrs Thompson) and I remember having a a time machine in class that took us back to Greek Mythology. I remember I was Pershephone (I didn't remember the name, just the myth. Scott helped me out). I remember Mrs. Thompson was from Hawaii and made us brownies and sometimes yelled at the class. Maybe this picture was from 1st grade. If so, I remember my teacher made me stand in the corner because I got up out of my seat to ask if I could go to the bathroom. Actually, it wasn't my regular teacher. It was another teacher who must have been substituting. I wish I could remember more.

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Tara and Dan said...

Don't you know you have to hold your pee in the first grade?? I remember my evil kindergarten teacher swatting two boys in the rear because they were looking through the door vent and laughing at all the people walking by. Sadly, that's all I remember from kindergarten :(.