Friday, April 17, 2009

{Stream of Conciousness}

This morning I was thinking of Einstein's Bagels. I was thinking it would be smart to buy a dozen and freeze them.
I then thought about how in New York they are supposed to eat Bagel's with Lox and cream cheese.
The reason I know this is because I read it in "Stacy's Big Mistake" (aka The Babysitters Club), when I was 13.
I then wondered if Lox was raw Salmon. If it is I couldn't eat it. Then I decided it didn't sound good anyway.
Then I thought of Mary Ann from the Baby Sitter's club and how she didn't fit-in in New York.
I wondered if I would fit-in in New York.
Then I remembered she dated Logan (who was hot), so she probably didn't care.
And that is where I stopped.
So, Point A-Einsten Bagel = Point B-Mary Ann and Logan

Most of the time when I'm talking to Scott I don't explain how I get to these points and just talk like he understands.

Most of the time he thinks I'm crazy.


caitlin said...

Interesting. I think the last babysitters club book I read was about MaryAnne and we all know she was the serious one. I always liked Claudia. Wow, does this make us nerds??

rYLeE & KaTiE said...

I LOVED the babysitters club books back in the day. I remember I would always want to order more of them when we would have book fairs in elementary...

Fun post Lindsey!!! It's not your fault that women think much faster and more randomly than men!!

design gal said...

i loved the baby sitter club books! i still have many of them that are stored in boxes- someday i hope i have a girl to give them to. if not, i'll find some little girl who will enjoy them!

JT and Lizzie Davis said...

Hilarious. And you would not only fit-in in NYC, you would LOVE it! You should move here & teach me to be a photographer. Deal? :)