Thursday, April 9, 2009

{Sweet Dreams}

Last night I dreamt that Oliver and I were having a conversation. He was explaining to me that he was old enough to be left alone, unsupervised, in the house and that he wouldn't eat the couches.
He then explained there were certain rooms he didn't like to go into anyway, because there is mold underneath the floor boards and the rooms stink. This made me concerned, so I called a mold guy to check it out.
Oliver was right! We had mold underneath all of our wood floors.
I remember thinking how nice it was that Oliver and I can now talk and he can explain things to me, like being responsible and moldly rooms.


caitlin said...

You have a very talented dog. You should have asked him why he felt inclined to eat those paper towels last week.

shan said...

that is awesome! haha!

Allison said...

Awe, gotta love the super weird prego dreams!! All of my crazy pregnancy dreams involved Sergio our lab. Be glad that yours are sweet dreams, my worst one involved a butter knife sacrifice!! I cried for over an hour! They are so real. Here's to only the sweetest dreams!

Tara and Dan said...

HA! That's hilarious :) I had CRAZY dreams when I was pregnant. But not prophetic ones!