Monday, September 21, 2009


So I was wondering if anyone is interesting in assisting me on 9.29? It is my last wedding of the year and my normal ladies are all busy. If so, just let me know. It will pretty much be an all day affair with the SL Temple in the morning and Reception in the evening. It is going to be an amazing wedding though and lots of fun.


katherine said...

dangit . i wish i wish i could. good luck!!! i hope you are well!!

geri said...

i wish so bad i could.
but if you need help in the future on a different wedding adventure i would love love love to assist. in fact i think i might do a little dance.
(i'm serious.)

Aria said...

Oh, I wish I could join you that day, but I have a long shoot in the afternoon. :( I miss those fun weddings I got to follow you on! I'm so excited for your little girl coming in a couple months! Good luck with the last few weddings and keep us posted!

Emily said...

I know this will be weird because we don't know each other, but I've been following your photo blog for awhile and just decided to pop in over here. I love your work and would LOVE to assist you, if still needed (and not too creepy; I'm normal, I promise).

You can email me if you still need someone or have any questions: