Tuesday, September 1, 2009

{Getting Along}

Early this morning Scott and I were awakened by an unearthly sound. At first I thought aliens had invaded, but then I realized it was two cats fighting. Oliver freaked out, of course.
When I went to my car an hour later there was cat fur all over our yard. Chunks and chunks of it.
It reminded me of the time I once convinced my sister to separate two cats from fighting. I was about 5 and she was 3.
Yeah, that wasn't my best moment.


caitlin said...

When I was younger my cousins had tiny little kittens. I thought they were so cute. We played with them all day and when I got home, I noticed all of the red scratches that ran up and down my arm. From that day forward I vowed never to get on a cats bad side.

I loved the last line of this post. (Yeah, that wasn't my best moment.. so funny!)

Taryn said...

My imediate thought went to that, "save the kitty Taryn" How funny, I wonder what your cats were fighting over, who gets to pee where?