Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Guys, Where Are We?

Scott and I thought it would be super fun to hold our LOST party outside in the backyard. We have access to a projector and planned on showing it on a big sheet attached to our garage. The theme was Hurley and Libby's LOST beach picnic. Everyone was told to bring their own picnic lunch and blankets and pillows. Unfortunately for us, it was 50 degrees outside, so we had to move the picnic inside. So, we squeezed all 17 people inside our tiny, tiny house and had a great time.

I was so busy getting ready for the party, that I didn't actually take pictures during the party.


However, here are some photos of the decor, post LOST DAY.

Everyone got to pick a character's name tag

Lost quote game. Kim and Flavio trounced everyone with getting 13 out 17 right.
The prize? Dharma Chocolate, of course.

One of my favorites quotes,

"Baby, I am tied to a tree in the jungle of mystery. I just got tortured by a damn spinal surgeon
and a genuine Iraqi. Of course I'm serious.

Prediction Cards

Everyone received a Dharma gift bag

With LOST bingo and black and white "rocks"
Alana/Deboro and Dad both won this one.
Yay, more Dharma chocolate!

Dharma treats (because Peanut Butter was Claire's favorite)

"Hell of a book. It's about Bunnies."
Flavio won the grand prize with his prediction.

Flavio's prediction, 10% chance Desmond will become the new Smoke Monster
100% chance, I will be disappointed

Initially we were all a little disappointed, but now I love the Finale.

Love, love, love

Party Favors. I didn't mean to make the pins so large. I got confused on the size.

Thanks so much, Kim, Flavio, Dad, Mom, Marette, Kyle, Colby, Bruce, Lynette, Alana, Deboro, Elle, Dan, Tara, Spencer, Vickie, Kent, Audrey, Andrew and of course Scott!

We loved ending LOST with you!


BreeAnn said...

how cute is this! you are awesome! I love everything you did with it!

LinDsEy ShaUn said...

I am totally jealous of the most fantastic party thrown this year! such a great idea and jeremy and I are LOST fanatics.