Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sometimes your up, sometimes your down

This week has been rough.

From sad news from dear friends to Lucy getting her first black eye, we have had more downs than ups.

In the spirit of looking at the bright side, here are some of the ups,

-planting more trees and flowers in the front yard
-watching Lucy fall in love with balloons
-learning that even though she can get hurt, she gets better really fast
-realizing that it is okay to slow down
-not only is it okay, it is kinda important
-learning to forgive myself
-getting a whole bunch of film back
-spending quality time with people I love


caitlin said...

Glad you're looking on the bright side. I'm sorry there was baby drama, that's always hard. But just remember you're a great mom. And Lucy is such a sweet little doll.

Aria said...

i love the ups in life. keep counting those, and don't worry about the downs...they happen to us all but are usually outnumbered by the sweet things in life!