Monday, July 12, 2010


Scott and I are once again, in the midst of remodeling. Our front room was technically done 2 years ago, but we decided to add crown molding and a new front door. Once the dust clears, I'd love to finish decorating the front room.

Here are some items on the wish list, along with some other pretty pieces
for other parts of the house.
Our current rug as been puked on by Oliver twice and sheds like crazy.

Floor pillows for more seating

Lucy's room still needs a rocker. The space is tiny so we need something smallish.

Next project. New bathroom.
The current one is 100% disgusting (mold, paint flaking, rotting wood)

I wish I could afford this chair at Anthropologie. I'm on the search for a knock-off.

I'd love a smaller round side table.


Robin said...

Floor pillows! Genius! And here I was getting ready to accept beanbags (and therefore a sense of backsliding into college years) in the family room. ;)

Lindsey said...

Robin, these are at Urban Outfitters, but I have seen some cute ones at Crate and Barrel too.

Our house is tiny so we need to maximize all the seating we can!

Your house is darling, by the way. Welcome to the world of never ending projects!

Patty Girl said...

Lindsey it's fun to catch up on your blog! I love your furniture selections. You must have great taste. I am drooling over that rug. Good luck with all the projects, we have quite a few unfinished ones as well so I totally know what your going through!

LinDsEy ShaUn said...

you and me . . . one in the same. don't mind if you do come over to my house one day and see the same bathroom shower curtain! :)
oh how i love it.
and while your at it. . . its taking me way to long to get around to decorating things so head over to my place!

marcie b said...

not sure if you remember me or not, but i wanted to say hello and tell you how truly talented i think you are. great work! also, we have that rocker in my baby's nursery. surprisingly comfy and not too pricey. i really like it, but it was never meant to be a nursing chair. just somewhere to read books and hang out together. good luck.