Wednesday, July 7, 2010



Kyle left on his mission to Guatemala today. and oh my goodness, it is so weird. I can't believe my baby brother is gone and I'm sure going to miss him.

I was 12 when Kyle was born, so he has been my baby brother for a long time, but now he is all grown up and that is great, but kind of sad too. I'm so proud of him.

In honor of Kyle, here are a few of my favorite things about him,

-He is way laid back
-He always gives me hugs
-He always makes sure to say goodbye before I leave
-He is a pretty funny guy
-He is super smart
-He likes to play games
-He likes his sisters (and his brother)
-He is way excited about his mission
-He is the only blonde/blue eyed kid in the did that happen?
-I think we look a lot a like (except for the blonde/blue eyed thing)
-He always helps and pitches in
-He is a hard worker
-He is kind
-We have fun together
-He puts up with Scott (and trust me, that is saying a lot when you are Scott's BIL)
-He is good brother
-He will be a GREAT missionary

We love you Kyle!

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Anonymous said...

The pictures turned out great. We have our first letter from him. He wrote it the first night. He still had his sense of humor and testimony.

PS Lucy is pretty funny when she eats.