Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the camp-out

Scott and I don't go camping nearly enough. We used to, but you know, life got busy. We have been talking all year, though, how we wanted to take Lucy, and we are so happy we got a little night away. Bruce and Lynette are lucky to have access to this wonderful property in Kamas. They have been going for years, and it is the best.

Ollie gets to run as much as he wants, the kids get dirty, there is a natural spring, and a river, and a deck, and a latrine! and s'mores (but not together) and lots and lots of stars.

We hope this is the beginning of many wonderful camping trips together as a family. Thanks Bruce and Lynette for taking care of all of us!


Whitney said...

That area is beautiful! I agree...I don't go camping nearly enough.

Modernality said...
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Tara and Dan said...

What a fun fun fun day in the mountains! I'm sad summer is over and we won't be able to go again til next year :(. Next year we need to plan lots of outdoorsy things! Thanks for taking pics- I laughed out loud at the undies pics :)

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