Saturday, September 10, 2011

part three

You know, just another day at the market, doing my thing. This particular weekend Scott was out of town fishing, and I'm just lucky enough to have an awesome friend like Kim to go with me. Want an example of how Kim is a much better friend than I am? Just look at the BW photos she took below. She took photos of me and Lucy, and I didn't take a single one of her. Super lame on my part. But I loved spending time with my Lucy and my awesome bosom buddy, as Anne Shirley would say.

There was a petting zoo this time around, and me oh my, Lucy was in love. Little piglets are super cute. So cute, that we didn't even stop to look at the other animals. I kind of have a routine at the market, and it always involves limeades. See how much Lucy is enjoying it too? Keeping the McDermott tradition alive with mint limeades. I have such happy memories of making my own as a kid, with mint from the backyard.

Sometimes I feel like Scott and I just run, run, run; always cleaning and cooking, and errand shopping and poopy diaper changing. It's fun to look back and realize we really did play, and have fun this summer.


kimsueellen said...

Can we always be bosom buddies? (Wait, were you talking about Lucy?) *giggle* I love your photos. My color looked like poo, this is why I heart your photography more.

I love you much. Let's play again soon! xo

Anonymous said...

It looked like you had a perfect day!