Tuesday, June 17, 2008

{Dog Nerds}

I thought I was pretty clever when I picked out a doggy father's day card for Scott's dad. It was something to the effect that we are same because, "you like to fix things, I'm a fixed thing, we both bark at other drivers", etc, etc.
I think it was that card that made me realize that Scott and I had become "those" kind of people.
You know what I mean.
I had to laugh then when the very next day Scott gave me this birthday card.

Scott's birthday card to Lindsey--each section is illustrated with dog doing said action.

1-Rise at 5:30 am, wet-nose the master
2-Go out and pee on the world (my favorite line)
3-Make poopy
4-Sniff poopy
5-Seriously think about eating poopy
6-Eat funny looking bug instead
7-Thow up bug parts on living room rug
8-Drink out of magic well (toliet)
9-Sleep for 17 hours. Start all over again

Ah, Oliver makes us so happy.


Taryn said...

Travis and I do that too, it is ok to be a dog nerd. Having a dog mad me see that they have amazing spirits too.

Tim & Amber said...

I love the cards! You guys are total dog nerds, but who wouldn't be with such a cute dog!:) Oliver is my kind of dog, if I were ever to have a dog...maybe if we ever get to have a fenced yard. Anyway, just wanted to wish you Happy Birthday again!! Welcome to the
30's club, it's the IN thing! :)

shan & andrew said...

I seriously did "LOL" when I read that! Oh, that was so funny!

Rob & Kelli said...

Very, very clever!

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

That card is right on- that's what makes puppies so fun!!!