Saturday, June 21, 2008

{One of My Favorites}

I love having tinfoil dinners up in the canyon. I love the mountains, I love the s'mores, I love the fire and I love the charred meat. Scott and I try to go up several times during the summer. It makes me so happy. That is why I was so excited when Tara invited us up.
I do have to admit I was a little surprised. Dan is not so much a hiking, tinfoil-dinner kind of person. We have all heard the story how this one time (at band camp), he went on a hike and he was told it would be like a mile, but then it was 8, and all they did was walk to some stupid pond and he was soo, so bored. That was 12 years ago. That was the last hike Dan ever went on.
So, I had to wonder how Tara was able to convince him to go (quote of the night, "Tara, this is so much fun. We should do this all the time). But Tara's BFF Robin (who I was totally comfortable with since I have been blog-stalking her for months) was in town and how can Dan say no to his 8-month pregnant wife. Needless to say fun was had by all. It was a great start to Summer and, FINALLY, we were able to enjoy some hot weather.

How many s'mores should I eat?

Dan, in his newfound element

"Nobody knows the trouble I've seen"....Oliver not so happy to be confined. We finally took him off the leash and he was fine. We had had visions of him drowning in the river, or falling off the mountain.

These make the best s'mores EVER. Trust me. They are gooood.


shan & andrew said...

Yummo! I love me some good ol' campin' cookin'! I love the picture of you and Scott and the pouty (sp?) Oliver picture! Good times!

Rob & Kelli said... fun! Can I come next time? That looks like such a blast. Save some canyon days for 2 years!!!

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

Ok, i just laughed out loud several times when I read this post. "Band camp" gave me quite a chuckle, as did, "My friends took me on this one hike that turned out to be like eight miles..."

I had so much fun!! Dan really did bond with nature on this outting...
Or maybe it was the ten smores we both had...

Great pics! I tried all night to get a picture of the sun rays thru the smoke, but alas, my camera can only take me so far. You caught the perfect light! And that picture of Ollie's puppy dog face is classic :). Thanks for such a fun night! We HAVE to do it again soon :)