Friday, August 14, 2009

{Charley Strikes Again}

Last night might have been a bit rough and I maybe had my first panic attack and honestly, it wasn't my favorite.

So, here I am elevating my feet on the couch and I go to get up and I get the evil Charley Horse, but not just any kind of Charly Horse, the evilest, meanest, baddest Charley Horse ever, so I immediately start screaming, because it super hurts and Scott runs over and tries to stretch my leg out, but I can't relax and so the pain continues and Scott keeps saying relax your ankle and I keep saying I can't and the moment he puts my leg down the pain is just as intense and Oliver starts to get worried because I keep screaming and he comes over and licks my face and puts his head on my shoulder and starts pacing and Scott keeps saying relax your ankle and I keep saying I'm trying and then I start panic, and I start to breath really fast and all of sudden I'm shaking all over and crying and hyperventilating and it was super weird and I keep trying to take deep breaths so I can relax, but I can't do that either and my leg keeps killing me and I keep telling Scott to force my ankle to bend, but he can't bend it and...30 minutes later I calm down.


Is this what labor is like, because if it is I'm in big trouble.


Becky Ricks said...

That's why they have the epidural, hallelujah.

Hope all is going well for you, and that you don't have to have any more charley horses.

Anonymous said...

I heard they are caused by low potassium and not enough water. It's worth a try to add more of both to your diet.

Tara and Dan said...

You should ask for an epidural the next time you get a charly horse. Just tell your doctor you want to practice... lol :)

Taryn said...

Really eat more bananas...or moms really yummy lion house slush.

caitlin said...

Sadly I hear it's a tad worse, but here's hoping the epidural helps. I'm sorry girl.