Tuesday, August 18, 2009

{I'm Kinda Picky}


about the stroller. I really like the 3 wheel design. Something that would work well for long walks with Oliver.

These strollers look nice. Does anyone have any good suggestions on brands/styles?
Indie Jogger


caitlin said...

Where I don't have kids, I have no suggestions, or ideas. But will say that I think those are both cute. I like the green.

Plus with the three wheel thing, you will look super sporty and in shape. Kind of like when you hold a guitar.. you just look cool.

On a side note, I say let's do tin foil dinners on the 28th for sure if you find you are available, keep me posted.

Allison said...

If there is a chance that you'll have another child soon, you may wanna look into "Phil and Teds". I have the sport and I LOVE it. You just get the single buggy, then add on the double accessory down the road if you need it. I wish someone had told me so I wouldn't have bought a single stroller that wouldn't convert. Good luck! Big decisions!

Also. If you are looking for a deal on a duralite, I have noticed them on mamabargains.com all the time.

Taryn said...

I checked out the phil and teds one, it looks pretty awesome. Travis would have died twice if i said I wanted to get a stroller that cost that much though. I like the ones you looked at too. I know several people who love the bob strollers but those are more of a jogging stroller and I know you said you just wanted a "sport" stroller. Soo many srollers how to choose. Oh, yeah and I have heard that the Joovy ones are nice too.

sav said...

you really need to be checking two websites regularly. babysteals.com and mamabargains.com they have strollers like this about every week or so. they have new deals all the time.