Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I know I'm a Mom now that...

1. I have to check to make sure my nursing bra is snapped back up before I go out in public
2. Lucy spits up on my pillow, I don't clean it up
...and I kind of think it smells good as I fall asleep
3. I regularly sniff her bum
4. I have bruises all over my legs from carrying her carseat
5. It takes me 3 hour to get ready now, instead of 1...
...shower, feed baby, make-up, play with baby, fix hair, change poopy diaper
6. My pajamas are plaid maternity bottoms, and a striped maternity shirt
7. Getting ready means showering, not blow-drying my hair
8. I sing songs all day, even though I don't know the words and I can't really sing
9. I'd rather buy clothes for Lucy, not me
10. I can finally get someone to giggle when I tickle them
11. I get poo on my hands am not completely grossed out (but still kinda)
12. I get a certain pleasure removing Lucy's boogies and ear wax
13. I'm super proud when she rolls over
14. Laugh when she gets stuck
15. Am amazed that Baby Einstein really works
16. Cry when I watch the Lion King
17. Love having my hair pulled
18. Can kiss an angry baby into a happy baby

And I love the fact that my days are a lot quieter, but oh, so much more content


P.S. said...

SOOO true! Every single one!

caitlin said...

Lucy sure is a cute little one, but I'm not sure about sniffing the bum.. I guess it's a mom thing ;)

Scott and Lindsey said...

Ha, I sniff her bum to see if her diaper needs to be changed :)

Anonymous said...

You're a wonderful mom!

Rob and Kelli said...

All I can say is CLASSIC POST. I was LOLing. It's all soo... true. I too find interest in getting boogies and ear wax. :)

kimsueellen said...

This makes me tear up...not sure why, maybe because we just had our last baby...but the things we do for our kids...and I would walk to the moon and back and not care a whim about myself...motherhood is amazing.

Taryn said...

So true...I do/did all those things. I kinda miss the ones I don't do anymore. I would often go without my bra snapped up and not realize it forever. I love babies.