Friday, April 9, 2010


This is what our house looked like when we bought it.

I got these pics off of Google Maps, so I know they aren't the best quality. I like looking at them, though. Whenever I feel stressed about all the home repairs we (I) want to do, these remind me how far we have come.

A few weeks back we got these landscaping plans made up by. Aren't they cool? I can't wait to implement them. We have already started digging out the garden beds. We also need to put in a sprinkler system, which, honestly, is just a pain.

I would rather plant.

And to remind me how far we have come I wrote notes on our current state of the house. So far, in the 2.5 year we lived here the front yard has,

a new fence (half the backyard too)
new cement porch and foundation
new porch awning paint
new street sign
landscaped park strip
a Maple Tree
hours and hours of overgrown weeds/plants/ivy removed

In the plans this year are,

front yard sprinkler system
new front door
new mailbox (have it, just need to install)
fully landscaped front yard

Wow, that isn't too ambitious, right? We are also planning a flag stone patio in the backyard and a new bathroom upstairs.

I like to dream big.

The back yard plans are even more intense. Next year.


Rob and Kelli said...

What excellent home improvement!!! You guys are working hard at it! I'm so impressed! Can't wait to see the beautiful landscaping!

Stan Horst said...

Always fun to dream, and even more fun to see the dreams come to fulfillment. Looking forward to seeing pics as you progress.

Stan Horst

Tara and Dan said...

Can't believe the difference! Looks like a new home now. Can't wait to see the flowers/plants! be sure to post pics as you go.

Taryn said...

Those plans are fun! You have come a long way, it looks great.