Friday, April 16, 2010


fingers and toes

Even more so, when I hear Scott reading it

Laughed out loud, so many times

Vinto. I love everything here; from the decor, limeade's, service, cool electronic order gadgets, apple galette's, and of course, pizza. My new go to restaurant.

The most fun I have had working out in a long time

Lovely, lovely, lovely

Good for post pregnant body
(image found here)


Whitney said...

oh wow...Lucy has some monster thighs!!! I've never heard of that movie. Is it out on DVD or new in theaters?

caitlin said...

We have been wanting to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox since we saw the previews! Now that I know it's good, we will for sure be seeing it.

I'm glad you're enjoying Zumba. I wish we could all do it together!

(Never tried Vinto, is it pricey?)

caitlin said...

Ha, ha. I just looked back and saw you posted the menu. Real bright Caitlin.

rYLeE & KaTiE said...

i drove by vinto the same day you posted this... and now i keep thinking that i need to take rylee there. also, like caitlin i have been waiting to see fantastic mr. fox as well..... and your recommendation means a lot. now i can't wait for finals to be over so that rylee and i can watch a bunch of movies we have missed....

and love lucy.
a lot.