Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Bathtime

Whew, it was time to get past that other post.  So how about a new post on Lucy?
Exciting, yes?

Here is a little update on our favorite girl,

1-She loves to play Peak a Boo, and says it all the time.  Sometimes she says peak a boo, and sometimes she says beakabo, really, really fast
2-She has a secret smile.  I catch her doing it, when she privately finds things interesting/hilarious.
3-Lucy jabbers all day long.  She looks at us, very seriously, and talks and talks, and talks. 
4-She is now an expert walker and goes all over.  She refuses to hold my hand, unless she is being shy.
5-Lucy has discovered her belly button, and it is only the coolest thing ever.  She could stare at it all day.  Ok, not really, because her attention span is about 5 seconds.  But she can maybe stare at it for 10 seconds.
6-She HATES having her diaper changed or clothes put on, but loves having her socks, shoes and leg warmers put on.  She sticks out her little foot and patiently waits to be accommodated.
7-She HATES the gym daycare and still is pretty shy.  Unless she knows you, and then she is super hyper.
8-She fell asleep on my shoulder the other day.  Which was my favorite.
9-Lucy tries to ride Oliver, feeds Oliver her food, and says, "Hi Ollie".
10-Lucy's favorite past-time is either destroying things, finding the toilet plunger, or pulling stuff out of drawers/cupboards/purses/wallets.  She is neutral on her toys.
11-She will sit on my lap for 30 minutes of Sesame Street in the morning.  Sometimes rubbing my face.
12-Out of nowhere, she will slip her little arm around my neck, lean in her head, and go, "ohhhh."
13-She prefers head bonks, to kisses.

We sure love our little Stinker.


Anonymous said...

I love this picture!! Awesome!!


Taryn said...

I love the bath time with Oliver! BTW your bathtub looks fantastic:) Love you!

Rob and Kelli Hall said...

Look at that cute little body! Love little Lucy!

kimsueellen said...

Love the bumm. I took one on Polaroid of Camilla after her bath a few weeks ago. I should post it too. Funny we didn't post them on the same day. *giggle* Heart you.