Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Today

I really love you.  I do.  So many sweet and simple and silly things happened.

Like Lucy picking up my phone, and pretending to laugh.  Or taking a tissue and wiping her own nose.

Or when I was on the phone with a sweet (apparently young) customer service rep, who was so surprised when she found out my age.  It was complimentary and offensive, all at the same time.  "What, you are THAT old, but you sound so, so, young."  Yep, I'm 32 and fabulous.

Or when I found out I have been selected to be in PDN Top Knots issue.  That is kinda a big deal for me.

Or when I found out that one of my weddings will be featured in Style Me Pretty.  That is also super cool.

Dear Today, I ate really healthy, and I felt good.  Veggie chili and homemade sourdough bread for lunch, mmmmmm.  Tikka Masala, brown rice, and veggie/barley salad for dinner?  Even better.  It makes me feel good to be in control of my life, eating healthy and delicious food (well, Lucy ate chocolate pudding).

I ran 30 minutes.  For you runners out there, that is small potatoes.  For me, it was like climbing Everest.  3 months ago I couldn't even fathom running a mile.  I feel strong and powerful.  I feel empowered.  I'm so proud of myself.  Today I did 60 minutes of cardio total.  Go me.

and I was sad that I couldn't read, "The Book Thief", because Scott left it at work.  But it is probably just a well because I wanted to read it in the bath, and inevitably I would get water on it, and ruin it for him.

Today, I saw the sun, and there was no inversion and the snow melted.

I spent some time with an old friend, and by old, I mean we have been friends for 13 years, because we are NOT old.

I watched Lucy give herself a chocolate mustache with her pudding, I gloried in her new, darling haircut, and we played peek-a-boo and talked about colors.

Today, I ate dinner with Scott, and sent him off to night class,
while I bathed and read to Lucy (she surprised me with a choo choo when we came to the train; Scott secretly taught her). 

So, Today was a good, good day.  Thanks a whole bunch for being awesome.


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Rob and Kelli Hall said...

Cute Post! And congrats on the photo recognition! You deserve it!