Thursday, January 13, 2011


This year I'm not making resolutions.  But I am working on goals.  A lot of these goals I have already started.  Some of them I haven't.  Most are focused on having a more harmonious and healthy lifestyle.  Something I struggle with, when I'm so busy.  But I thought I would lay it out there, in an attempt to keep me accountable.  I feel good about all of these, and although the list is long, I think it is totally manageable.  I'll divide them in categories, because I'm silly like that.

Healthy Lifestyle
-Go to bed before 11 (this is so, so, so hard for me.  Right now it is 10:49, so I should wrap this up quick!)
-Exercise 5 times a week (I have been doing this since November)
-Drink 64 ounces of water a day
-Cook 4 healthy meals a week (I have been really good at this, but I'm not in busy season yet)
-Cook 1 new meal a week
-Lose 25lbs.  The baby weight wont come off.  No matter what I do.  I'm dedicated to losing it, because I just don't feel comfortable in my skin.  It has been 2 years since I have been able to fit into my old jeans, and it will happen.  The natural, healthy way.
-Run a 5K with Scott and Lucy

Work Goals
-Take on less work
-Raise my prices
-Get featured in some of my favorite wedding blogs
-Shoot more film
-Do more personal projects (because I have more to say than just weddings)

Lucy Goals
-Stay off the computer during the day (except for naps, which is my work time)
-Go on more outings
-Be more in the moment

Spiritual Goals
-Pray more, read my scriptures more
-Be less judgmental.  I'm trying to remember that everyone has their own hard road, and I don't always know what it is.

Big Goals
-IVF (this is really freaking me out, but I want to do it before Lucy turns 2)

Scott Goals
-Don't always talk about work together
-More dates!

Woah, a lot right.  Not really.  Okay, maybe, kind of.  But I want to phase out my hectic, don't ever eat, or sleep, hardly ever see Scott lifestyle and move into something simpler.  I used to pshaw the whole housewife thing, but I see a simplicity and balance, that comes with spending my days with Lucy and making sure my family is healthy and whole. 

So there you go.  I don't know what the year will bring, but I hope it finds me happy and healthy.  And it is now past 11.  Shoot!


Alli said...

25 lbs! Pretty sure you would waste away to nothing if that happened!

Lindsey said...

Ha, Alli, you haven't seen me in awhile. 25lbs takes me back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Aria said...

Can I copy and paste these goals to be mine, too? ;) I love them all. But I may start with ONE meal a steps for me. :)