Monday, January 3, 2011

Lucy's Words

If you have spent any time around Lucy you know she loves to talk.  As in talk, and talk and talk.  She will be sitting around the table, with all the adults, and jump right in.  You might say she dominates the conversation.  It's one of my favorite things she does right now.  It's so cute.  She is really saying something and she assumes you know what it is.  She knows what she is saying, because she will repeat herself while looking at you.  She will ask questions, raise her voice, make it go higher, look you straight in the eye and talk for 5 minutes straight.  If Scott and I are talking in the car, she will jump right in, just another participant in the conversation.  If we are sitting with family for Sunday dinner, she will talk until we stop and listen to her.  She has lots of jabbery words, mixed in with understandable ones, and there is so much variety.  I can only imagine how much she will be talking when she is two.  As far as real words, she says,

Here you go (she says this when she wants something or is giving us something)
Hello (ello)
Bye Bye
Ohhhhhh (accompanied by a hug)
Uh oh
Peak a boo (beekaboo)
Banana (nana)
No (no, no, no)

My favorite right now is ello ollie.  It cracks me up every morning.  I need to get her sweet voice on tape.  It melts my heart over and over again.  Except for the no, no, no part.  Then we wonder whose child she is.


caitlin said...

Love these pictures. She's such a sweet munchkin.

Patty Girl said...

Love the cute expressions. These pictures really show that she is growing up!